Steven Northam


Serial Entrepreneur

Investopedia "Serial entrepreneurs are people who can repeatedly turn creative ideas into successful business strategies. Serial entrepreneurs can make money by selling their successful businesses and reinvesting the profits in a new startup."

Being an entreprenuer is not a job, its a midset. From an early age I have always been driven to "do my own thing", and have actually never had a normal job (outside of my part time teaching role). I started in "business" around age 14, which a website selling games consoles imported from the Far East..then I launched different business ideas almost monthly, some worked, some failed, some never started - but what I learnt from each iteration was invaluable for the next.

The buzz comes from making the new idea work, as soon as it works the idea quikly loses interest and I move on to the next idea. The classic serial entreprenuer approach.


Oxford Dictionary "a company or form of technology that causes radical
change in an existing industry or market by means of innovation."

Break the rules and be different, something I try and stitch into all my interests, projects and business ventures. Going out to change the norm, bend the rules and do things differently has always been a key to the success I have found.

From wacky student events, female driven "lads mags" to Human Microchips and turning planes into Airbnb units, I aim to go beyond the normal and the expected, and that seems to work rather well.

Upsetting the established, facing negativity, doing things others wouldnt dare..all part of the fun!

Its easier to get forgiveness than permission..


Oxford Dictionary "a person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products."

Go well outside the box and innovate where ever possible. One of my core drivers it to create solutions to problems which innovate and automate business and day to day life, alongside simply doing things which are a little bit "out there" - like the 737 Plane Project!

Being innovative, creative and enterprenural often go hand in hand, something I have found to be fundemental when developing the next business idea or project.

Innovation for me often comes from the "challange" - how can I make this work, how can I make it work differently and so on, as ever its the buzz of doing this while I love.

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.


Oxford Dictionary "a person who provides instruction or education; a teacher."

Students often ask me "why do you teach Steve, when you have so much else going on" - the answer is, I love doing it, helping the students understand the real world of business and supporting them in developing their ideas and concepts and seeing them launch their businesses ideas for real! That's the real buzz of teaching.

I have been teaching at The University of Winchester for nearly 15 years now, having studied here as a student and never actually left! Officially I am a "Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship" and my teaching revolves around these core topics, from undergraduate to masters level.

Those who can do...those who can't teach (I try a bit of both)

Multi-Award Winning

Oxford Dictionary "having won a prize in recognition of quality."

Awards and achievemnt is a key driver for me personally. Having been in business and educaiton for many years now I have had the honour of winning numerous awards and achiving a huge range of goals - this is one of my real drivers, the constant drive to achive the "next thing", be that in business, education or simply a project I am working on.

This motivator is what leads me into the range of areas I end up working in, raher than seeking financial reward, the reward is more so to "complete the task".

Simply being motivated by financial reward in business never seems to work quite as well as being motivated by reaching the launch, the end goal or the prize!

Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.

Winchester Business Excellence Award : 2008 : Start-Up Business

Winchester Business Excellence Award : 2013 : Entrepreneur of the Year Shortlisted

Winchester Business Excellence Award : 2014 : Entrepreneur of the Year

Winchester Business Excellence Award : 2018 : Digital Innovation Shortlisted

Winchester Business Excellence Award : 2020 : Business Leader of the Year

Winchester Business Excellence Award : 2022 : Millenium Egg Life Time Achievement Award